Prime Ministers of United KingdomEdit


Monarch: William V
Time in Office: 13 March - 18 July 2010
Party: Democratic Alliance Party

First Prime Minister
Author of the First Constitution of United Kingdom
Founder of the First Forum of United Kingdom
Oversaw the Treaty of London and FRA referendum
Elected Prime Minister three times
Resigned shortly into her third term

Prior Experience: MP for Southern England, Home Secretary

Constance St.James

Monarch: William V
Regent: Michael Stuart, Princess Charlotte
Time in Office: 18 July - 18 October 2010
Party: Democratic Alliance Party, Liberal Democrats

First Prime Minister elected by popular vote
Author of the Second and Third Constitutions of United Kingdom
First Prime Minister to invoke the Regency Act
Elected Prime Minister twice
Resigned shortly before the expiration of her second term to assume the regency

Prior Experience: MP for Northern England

Donovan Graham (Acting)

Monarch: William V
Regent: Constance St.James
Time in Office: 18 October - 19 October 2010
Party: Independent

First Acting Prime Minister

Elizabeth Stuart

Monarch: William V, Alexander I
Regent: Princess Charlotte, Prince Alex Stuart
Time in Office: 19 October - 7 November 2010
Party: Independent

Removed the inactive Royal Family
Oversaw the 11/4 attack recovery effort
Elected Prime Minister once
Resigned upon being named Queen by Alexander I

Prior Experience: MP for Scotland, Foreign Secretary, Home Secretary

Bill Dearheart (Acting)

Monarch: Elizabeth
Time in Office: 7 November - 15 November 2010
Party: Conservative

Continued the 11/4 recovery effort
Oversaw the passage of the Third Constitution of United Kingdom

Michael Stuart

Monarch: Elizabeth
Time in Office: 15 November 2010 - 24 December 2010
Party: Independent

First male Prime Minister
Prosecuted all terrorists behind 11/4 Attack
Revamped the security and intelligence system
Oversaw the first population increase in United Kingdom since Prime Minister Neisse
Elected Prime Minister to serve the remainer of Elizabeth's term

Prior Experience: Chief Justice


Monarch: Elizabeth
Time in Office: 24 December 2010 - 11 January 2011
Party: Independent

First Prime Minister elected under the the rules of the Third Constitution
Led a Commission on Constitutional Reform
Elected Prime Minister once
Removed from office through a vote of no confidence

Prior Experience: MP for Southern England/Northern Ireland, Home Secretary, Prime Minister

Donovan Graham (Acting)

Monarch: Elizabeth
Time in Office: 11 January - 18 January 2011
Party: Independent

First person to serve as Acting Prime Minister twice

Alex Beckett-O'Connor-Stuart

Monarch: Elizabeth
Time in Office: 18 January 2011 - 1 March 2011
Party: National Alliance Party

Prior Experience: MP for Wales, Speaker of Parliament, Defense Secretary

Robert Peel Monarch: Elizabeth
Time in Office: 1 March 2011 - 17 March 2011
Party: Independent

Prior Experience: Lord of Parliament, Speaker of Parliament, Director of MI5

Interesting Facts

  • Of the Prime Ministers elected in their own right, three have been female and two have been male.
    * Neisse is the longest-serving Prime Minister, with a total time in office of over four months; Elizabeth Stuart is the shortest-serving Prime Minister, staying in office only 19 days. Interestingly, though, Neisse's fourth term was the shortest premier term overall, lasting only 18 days. Robert Peel is the shortest serving Prime Minister, with his term lasting only 16 days
    * The Democratic Alliance Party has had the most Prime Ministers (2), followed by the Liberal Democrats (1) and the National Alliance Party (1). Despite its long history, there has never been a Conservative Prime Minister, although Bill Dearheart held the powers but not the office itself for a brief period of time. Four Prime Ministers elected in their own right have all been independent of party affiliation.
    * Neisse is the first, and to date only, person removed as Prime Minister by Parliament.
    * Of the Prime Ministers elected in their own right, Neisse is the only one without a link to the Royal Stuart Family, although even she was Princess of Wales under the reign of King William V.

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