Bill Dearheart

Bill Dearheart in a press conference


Bill became a British citizen on August 28th, 2010. He joined the Conservative Party the following day and would later become the party's Vice Chairman at the party conference held right before Parliament's fourth session. He would later become the party's second Chairman after Elizabeth Stuart resigned from the party. After serving in the Parliament's fourth session as Lord of Northern England, Bill made a bid for Prime Minister, on which he lost to Elizabeth Stuart, who appointed Bill her DPM for her term.

Following the events of November 11, 2010 and the FRA constructing a new forum, Alex Beckett and Bill Dearheart were the first members on the new forum. Bill assumed the role of acting Prime Minister until Elizabeth Stuart issued a writ of election. Bill also served on as Foreign Secretary under Prime Minister Michael Stuart but resigned just a few days before the end of Michael's term.

Bill Dearheart was one of the Members of Parliament who voted Aye to remove Neisse as Prime Minister due to inactivity and was one of the five MP's who voted for Alex Beckett in the following election. He was also one of the MP's who pressed Alex to resign following the passage of a Constitutional Amendment that brought the Prime Minister election back to the people. He also served as Foreign Secretary in the very short 16 day term of Robert Peel.